What readers are saying:

Loved the heroine and all her adventures. This author has the gift of making her characters unforgettable. If you like mysteries, murder, and grim drama with vivid characters you will like this book. The story of our heroine discovering the crime years later combined with the agonizing story of the crime is riveting. – Linda

This book is loosely based on an experience the author endured. I love books that have been based off a true life event, but have been altered to become a slightly new story such as this one. A great, intelligent read. This was a mystery but you can also find humor among the pages to keep the story from becoming dark, considering what the subject matter is. A well-rounded book that you can read in one sitting, it’s just that good! – Sierra

Who could ask for anything more from a book? Humor – yup, it has that too.
A great, intelligent read. This is the best book I have read in a long time. The humor is great, but the underlying seriousness causes one to examine how things happen. I finished the book over a week ago, and it is still very vivid in my mind.
The title and the cover made me think it was a “ladies” book – don’t judge this by its cover!If you enjoy humor, intrigue, cover-ups, eccentric characters or dogs, you owe it to yourself to read this book. – John

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