Bargain Kindle Mysteries


We Love Mysteries and We Love Bargains!

I’m building a list of affordable mysteries on sale at Amazon.
The books must have at least fifteen reviews* with an average of  3.5 stars or more,
because above all else, I love a good, quality read!

Prices can change at any time.
If you find a price that is wrong, let me know.

99 Cent Kindle Mysteries
Less than the cost of a soda

$1.99 Kindle Mysteries
Still less than the cost of a soda in most restaurants

$2.99 Kindle Mysteries
$2.99 will buy you a tall Latte at Starbucks

$3.99 Kindle Mysteries
Less than a grande Skinny Vanilla Latte at Starbucks

Free Kindle Mysteries
Water, Air, and Kindle Mysteries – Free! Woo-Hoo!


If you enjoy a book, please  take a few minutes to write a review on Amazon.
It’s only a twenty word minimum–you don’t have to write a book 😉 Just a few words.
It means the world to the author who has worked so hard to entertain you.
And at these low prices, how can you not give the author a little pat on the back?

When You Shouldn’t  Write a Bad Review
In other words, don’t write a review if the reason you didn’t
like a book was for any of  these reasons.

1. It wasn’t a genre you enjoy reading.
2. The book was well-written, but just wasn’t  your “cup of tea”.
3. You didn’t like the ending.
I met a woman who always returns books if she doesn’t like the ending. Seriously?
What does she do at the movies if she doesn’t like the ending?

When You Should Write a Bad Review

1. When a book is a hot mess and has no business being published.
Bad editing, a slew of typos, poorly written.
2. When an author asks the reader to let them know what mistakes they found.
Really? Is the reader supposed to be the author’s editor?

Amazon is flooded with books “not ready for prime time”,
making it very hard for readers to find the Indie Authors who are serious about their craft.