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Thank you Amanda for the wonderful review. You made my day!

Rights of Writers

Getting the Most from She Writes

Welcome to She Writes, the largest community of women writers online. She Writes is your place to find community, and all of our place to foster it. Whether you’re well published, just starting out, a novelist, journalist, blogger, memoirist, screenwriter, poet, playwright, agent, editor, or publicist, this guide offers a number of ways to maximize your use of She Writes.

Named in Publishers Weekly as one of six great blogs for indie authors

Fiction University

Anne R. Allen’s Blog

Winner of Writer’s Digest  Ten Best Websites For Writers.

I have gleaned so much valuable information from this generous and very talented writer.

Anne R. AllenAnne’s Blog introduction:
I’m the author of seven comic novels,Food of Love and The Gatsby Game, The Lady of the Lakewood Diner, and the Camilla Randall MysteriesThe Best RevengeGhostwriters in the SkySherwood, Ltd, and No Place Like HomeI’m published by MWiDP and Kotu Beach Press.

I’ve also written a survival guide for writers with Pay it Forward author Catherine Ryan Hyde: How to be a Writer in the E-Age: A Self-Help Guideand I have a two-fer boxed set combining The Chanel Caper by NYT bestseller Ruth Harris and The Gatsby Game: Chanel and Gatsby
I live on the beautiful Central Coast of CA, near San Luis Obispo–the town Oprah called the “happiest town in the US.”.

New UK Website For Writers

A lovely lady and author, Tricia Murphy, in the UK is building a website to
showcase authors. It will launch in September. If you’re a writer and would
like your book(s) included, here is the link:

Self-Portrait Tricia Murphy
Trains and Boats and Planes



Cozy Mystery List
A Guide to Cozy Mystery
(and Other Favorite) Books and DVDs



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