“Dying For Dollars” is close to the Finish Line!

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Finally! The third book in the Murder Blog Mystery series—Dying For Dollars—is almost done. This book has taken waaaaay longer than it should have.

But I have a good excuse! My three-year-old Grandson lived with us for a year,(along with his mom and dad)and it was pretty darn hard to say,”no,” when the little guy wanted to play. So,I played.

Before the book goes to the editors, my in-house editor hubby will give it a read, and if he doesn’t find any glaring errors, then I can send it out.

While Dying For Dollars is getting its professional grooming, I will design the book cover. I was a graphic illustrator for years, so I look forward to the task.

When I get the manuscript back from the editor, there will be another draft, and then the book goes to proofreaders.

The final phase is ebook and print version formatting. I do the print version, but no way will I attempt the ebook. Too many variables and I’ve seen some big messes out there—even from the big-time publishers.

But this week I am taking a break and enjoying the Spring weather. Before my yoga class this morning, I strolled out to the beach and took a moment to appreciate the beautiful Central Coast of California.

I also needed to rack up some steps on my bossy FitBit 

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