Favorite Things


From time to time I add things that I love.
Or my friends love.
Or my pets love.

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Furry Friends First!


Loving my new Harness Lead!
Super easy to put on, and adjusts to any dog size without
making you go crazy trying to lengthen or shorten it.
I have the large size for my big girl, Lucy, who is 45 lbs.
and the smaller size for Emma – 25 lbs. 
Lots of fun colors to choose from, too.

My friend came to visit and she tried the smaller one on
her crazy 11 lb. Dachshund and loved it.

I have now donated every other harness
I had to the local Humane Society.



Daisy dog tag

I’m always surprised when I get notices on Facebook
for missing dogs that don’t have tags. Even if your little
sweetheart is chipped, why not make it easier for them,
and their “rescuer” and a collar and tag on them?
They will come home so much faster with far less stress for both of you.

oh crap i'm lost dog tag




Favorite things - Echo - pamelafrostdennis.com - author


I have one in the living room, kitchen, my bedroom.
I gave both my grown kids and my BFF one.

My favorite app is The Shopping List. I tell Alexa what I need
and she puts it on my shopping list on my phone.
Now I never forget to get ice cream!

I enjoy syncing the Echos and playing music throughout
the house, and at bedtime, I love listening to Forest
Night sounds, or old Mystery Radio plays.

My grandkids love it when Alexa farts.


Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker
with Gluten Free Menu setting

A couple years ago, I dragged out my old breadmaker
and made a loaf, then remembered why it was in the
garage. It made terrible bread!
Unless you like dry, brick-like bread

Then I saw this breadmaker with 1,700 Five Star Reviews
and bought it. Yes, it cost a lot more than my old Panasonic,
but the bread this machine makes is incredible.
Better than a bakery.
Everyone loves my bread — and I never buy store-bought now.

Pamela Frost Dennis’ Bread Recipe pdf.



Instant Pot – 6 quart

I love this thing! I can start a pot of soup at 5 p.m. and before you know it,
I have a delicious soup that tastes like it cooked all day long.
Or stew, pot roast, spaghetti sauce.
I’ve even made cheesecake in it. 
And now I make yogurt, too. I will never buy store-bought again.
Here’s My Favorite Recipe

To make Greek-style, you need a special strainer.
I tried coffee filters and it was a mess.
But the strainer listed below works great!


Euro Cuisine Greek Yogurt Maker-Strainer


Vintage Perculator

I’ve had two old Pyrex Perculators sitting on a shelf as decoration for years,
and recently I decided to fire up the smaller one–a four-cupper.

To my surprise, the coffee is far superior to French Press, Drip, Pour-Over,
Keurig; even my fancy espresso machine. However, I didn’t like the clean-up
mess– coffee grinds all over the sink when I rinsed the basket.
Then I tried
 a coffee filter and problem solved.
There are hundreds of old Pyrex Perculators for sale online,
but you’ll get a better deal in a collectible store. 


71NxFOeCGtL._SL1129_Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic Gourmet Coffee

I recently discovered this delicious coffee. It comes in a two-pound bag,
which I like, too. Subtle Earth Organic Coffee
is full-bodied with a deep, rich chocolaty
flavor and a clean finish. Smooth milk chocolate with notes of honey,
caramel and cocoa.
Organic certified by CCOF, Non GMO, 100% Arabica.


Solar Mason jar Lights at pamelafrostdennis.com - author

LED Solar Mason Hanging Jars

I have these hanging on shepherd’s hooks around the yard.
The light is warm and provides good light along
the path from my house to my office. 


High Sierra Low-Flow shower head

High Sierra’s WaterSense Low-Flow Showerhead

Katy lives in a drought, and so do I.
And, I hated low-flow showerheads until I found this one.

It is amazing. It gives a better blast of water than our fancy
old water-waster showerhead. Plus, this has an easy on-off
valve for lathering up or shaving with the water turned off,
which is something you have to do when you live in a drought.



My New Best Friend

RoboVac 30C. Years ago, I had a Roomba and loved it,
but they are so expensive now! This one got great ratings
on Amazon, was way less expensive, and it has a lower
profile, so it gets under the furniture. No dust bunnies! Love it!


This has made a huge difference in our home air quality.
Really has cut down on dust, too. Woo-Hoo!

I have three of them in the house and no more sinus headaches!
Wish I’d known what a difference it would make years sooner!


Electric Spa Wrap
I’ve given this to my friends and my daughter-in-law.
 Everyone loves it.
I have one in the living room and one in my office.

The SoftHeat Mind + Body Care WrapAround Electric Spa Wrap
is 3.5 times larger than the conventional heating pad. Its large size
wraps around multiple parts of the body and was designed
to relieve muscle pain, stress, and tension.

The wrap is made from soft luxurious fabric and features
3 powerful heat settings. Its SmartHeat technology
provides quick 
even heat for long-lasting, instant results.



Sash Bag

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 3.57.01 PM

Love this!
Sash bags are a uniquely designed cross-body carry-all that provides an ergonomic organization system to keep items at your fingertips in a comfortable and stylish way. Sash bags are a uniquely designed cross-body carry-all that provides an ergonomic organization system to keep items at your fingertips in a comfortable and stylish way. Each bag has ten pockets that stack 
up the front and back, an adjustable strap, RFID protection and handmade quality. The Classic Vegan bags are made of a durable faux leather, polyester fabric material with a suede-like feel. They are treated to have a slightly distressed texture and slight color variations of light and dark.
They also come in leather and several color choices.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 3.54.49 PM


Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 3.52.50 PM

Fitbit® Alta/Alta HR Milanese Loop Band

Fitbitband at pamelafrostdennis.com - author of Murder Blog Mysteries

The Fitbit Alta/Alta HR Milanese Loop Band lets you wear your
fitness tracker without compromising your individual sense of style.
This Milanese loop band is made from stainless steel, and it features
a magnetic closure for a secure fit.
I have very small wrists and was thrilled that the small size fit!

FitBit Band at pamelafrostdennis.com - author

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