LOL Stories


Got a funny personal experience you’d like to see in print?
Or a very embarrassing moment?
Klutzy, Stupid, Goofy, Silly?

Share your stories here and if I use it in a future book,
your name will appear in the acknowledgments and
you will receive an autographed book.

Please – no book ideas, just funny little snippets of life. I already have
several future books in the Murder Blog Mystery series  already lined out
and don’t want to get side-tracked by your wonderful book idea.


A sweet little story that I plan to use…

Several years ago a dear friend told me this one:
Her boyfriend had given her a lovely little bonsai tree. She set it on her fireplace mantle and then promptly forgot about it. Never watered it. Nothing. I guess she figured a bonsai does not actually need any care.
One day, her boyfriend-now fiance was coming for a visit, so while tidying up, she moved the plant to dust and a chunk cracked off and fell to the floor. Dead – as in petrified dead.
Worried that his feelings would be hurt, she glued the chunk back on and sprayed it a fresh forest green.
On their ¬†thirtieth anniversary, he gave her a plastic bonsai. Ahhhh….



Your Turn!

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3 thoughts on “LOL Stories

  1. My little story is one of those stories that’s funny later. I think it would fall under the category of “People doing really stupid things”. Maybe you should add that catagory to this page.
    One night I was laying in bed reading and my eyes were really itchy and blurry from allergies, so I went into the bathroom and reached into the medicine cabinet for the visine, without turning the lights on. I dropped a drop in my eye and it burned really bad!! I yelled and my husband ran in. I had put acrylic nail glue into my eye! So stupid. The little bottle felt just like the visine bottle, so I never gave it a second thought. My eye was glued shut. So scary. He took me to the ER and they had to cut off my eyelashes to slit my eye open. I really looked bad, but I was so lucky there was no permanent damage.

    1. How awful! Lesson learned! And thanks for the suggestion. Just added “stupid” to the list.
      I can see Katy doing something like this!


  2. What a great idea! I think we would all have something to add on our little ……. get together. I could hopefully regale you over and over again – remember I had 4 children (3 now as my eldest died of prostate cancer – not a funny story). Anyway, I will certainly mention it to my group here at Lake Forest and they can try their hand at it if they choose. T’will be fun, I know.


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