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Many of my readers assume that Katy McKenna is me. Let’s just say she is bits and pieces of me woven into a younger, taller, slimmer package.

We both love dogs and cats, good wine and fattening food. We are pescatarians and believe that ice cream is the staff of life.

I live on the California Central Coast, and so does Katy. I was a graphic artist, and so is Katy.

I think gardening is therapeutic, and she thinks it’s drudgery. We both hate aerobics, but I go anyway and Katy does not. Maybe it’s the age difference. I love yoga and Katy doesn’t get it.

My husband and I own Klondike Pizza restaurants in Arroyo Grande, CA and Santa Maria, CA. Katy’s favorite pizza happens to be Klondike Pizza. What a coincidence!

Katy is divorced and looking for the perfect man. I’ve been married to Mike Dennis for over forty years (I was five when we married  ) and have two awesome sons, two wonderful daughters-in-law, and three brilliant grandkids.