Katy McKenna Biography

This is a quick biography that I will expand upon when time allows…

Katy is thirty-one at the time of this writing. She was born December 31st.  I don’t put an actual year because I don’t want to get stuck in a particular time period as I write the series.

She’s 5’9”, slim, with size eight feet and shoulder-length auburn hair that she prefers tying back into a ponytail. She has big green eyes and in the right light, she often reminds people of  Anne Hathaway.

Her mother is Marybeth Melby, daughter of Rubina (Ruby) Armstrong. Her biological father is Burt McKenna, the famous “Plastic Surgeon to the Stars” in Palm Desert. Her real father is step-dad Kurt Melby (Pops) who married her mom when Katy was a toddler.

Her best friend since elementary school is Samantha Drummond. In high school, they were xylophone playing band geeks.

Katy has been a pescatararian (a vegetarian who eats fish) since high school – when her grandmother tried to get her to eat liver and she said, “I can’t. I’m a vegetarian.” She really misses cheeseburgers, but is comfortable with her choice.

She loves old movies, and hates reality shows like “Housewives of…anywhere”.

Her favorite foods are pizza from her favorite pizza restaurant – Klondike Pizza, and ice cream, preferably mint chip from Trader Joe’s.

Katy drives an old 1976 orange Volvo DL wagon that she grew up in and named Veronica as a child.

More later…