Citizen’s Arrest

Citizen’s Arrest!

The other day, I turned left and wound up behind a big pickup truck. The kind that granny would need a ladder to climb into. I’m a granny, so I mean me!

At first, we were traveling at the posted speed limit. 45 MP.
Then 40.
Then 35.
Dead stop, even though there was no stop sign.

My first thought was the driver needed help. Maybe they were sick, having a heart attack (been there and done that!) or a stroke (yup, done that a few times, too—I’m such a fun person!), so I pulled alongside, ready to jump out and save his life.

He was alive and well and staring at his phone, oblivious to his surroundings. Now I was cranky. I honked a long, angry honk, and he never looked away from his phone.

Do you ever wish you could roll down your car window and slap a siren on the roof? I sooo wanted to give him a ticket! Those of s certain age (old) may have seen the famous and funny scene from the Andy Griffith show where Gomer Pyle makes a “citizen’s arrest.”

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