DateLine: “A Walk in the Rain.”

DateLine: “A Walk in the Rain.”

If you watch the ABC crime drama series Alaska Daily starring Hilary Swank — this might interest you …
I’ve got a “flu-or-something bug” and I’m doing something I normally don’t do that’s making my dog, Emma, very happy. I’m watching TV in the daytime. That means it’s couch-snuggle time all day long.

Usually when I’m under the weather, I watch lightweight stuff — like Hallmark Mysteries and old movies. Something cozy to snooze through. But I had several DateLine NBC shows recorded, so that’s what I’m watching.
The episode I just finished is “A Walk in the Rain.” Season 31, episode 5. If you’re watching the ABC drama, Alaska Daily, this DateLine episode will interest you. It’s about the disappearance and murder of a 19-year-old Alaska Native woman in August 2003 in Nome, Alaska.

This led me to learn that thousands of Indigenous women from several states, including Alaska, are missing. Yet, we never hear about these women on the news. Why is that? I realize not all missing persons can be featured on the network news. But, still, there usually isn’t even a whisper about missing Native American women. Not even on the local news in their states.

When Gabby Petito went missing last year, it was on the news throughout her harrowing ordeal. Her end was tragic, but at least her folks know what happened — instead of waiting and hoping until the end of their days.

If you’re interested, the two-hour DateLine episode is available to watch “On Demand.”

Dateline debuted on March 31, 1992, initially airing only on Tuesdays, with Stone Phillips and Jane Pauley serving as its co-anchors.

Current Anchor: Lester Holt (September 23, 2011–present)

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