Life Enhancers

I’m sharing various items that have made my life
better, easier, cozier …

Some of these may be affiliate links.
That means I get a teeny-tiny percentage of the
sale if you click on it and decide to purchase.
It does not affect the price to you.

This page is a work in continuing progress.
I will add things as I think of them 


GRILLART Grill Basket

I love mine! My BFF told me to get one because she loved hers. Now I’m grilling veggies all the time! 


Instant Pot Duo Crisp 11-in-1 Air Fryer
and Electric Pressure Cooker Combo

My kids (ages 40 and 45) kept telling me I needed an air fryer. But I didn’t want anything else on my counter, and I knew if I put it in the pantry, I’d forget about it – like the juicer, the pasta maker, the ice cream maker, etc.
I loved my Instant Pot, so I decided to trade up for the duo, and I’m so glad I did. Spencer and Casey were right. I did need an air fryer. Everything I have “fried” in it has been delicious.

Vitamix 5200 Professional Blender

I’ve had mine for years. I love it so much that I gifted one to both my sons. This blender is a work horse that’s built to last. So it’s worth the price. Prior to purchasing this, I was blowing out my blenders every few years. 




Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus Breadmaker

This breadmaker makes the best bread ever! So worth spending a little more.
Several years ago, I dragged out my old breadmaker and made a loaf of disappointing dry bread. I got rid of that thing and bought this based on all the five-star reviews. I’ve been using it regularly ever since.

Whenever my eight-year-old grandson, Shae, comes for a visit, he can’t wait to have a slice. A tradition we have is making cheese (it has to be cheese) sandwiches and sitting out in the backyard and watching the birds and planes fly by. We always wave at the aircraft and wish them a safe journey.


T2 Sleep Tight Tea

My son Casey and his wife Holly got me going on this tea. I’ve never been one for herbal teas, but now I enjoy crawling into bed, watching a show on Netflix or Prime, and sipping a cup of “Sleep Tight” tea. I sweeten it with Truvia and add a splash of oat milk. So good. So relaxing. Zzzzz…

T2 Tea Infuser

This is so easy to use. Just put your loose tea in the top, fill with hot water, and when it’s steeped to perfection, simply set it on top of your cup and the tea pours out the bottom. A quick rinse out and you’re done. 



De’Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super Automatic
Espresso & Coffee Machine

Eight years ago, I suddenly discovered my accumulated credit card points. How I could have missed this, I do not know. Anyway, I had a lot of points. Thousands. It was Christmas time, so I decided to treat myself. I ordered this incredible machine and got it for $0. I would never have paid the actual price for it.

Remember the old coffee commercial slogan in the 80s and 90s? “The best part of waking up is …” My mother-in-law always had an electric pot of Folgers coffee sitting on the counter. All. Day. Long. Just awful. I wish I could have poured her a cup of coffee from my De’Longhi Espresso machine.




BedJet 3 Climate Comfort for Beds

Several months ago, I visited my older son, Casey, and his family.
Before bedtime, he and his wife, Holly, brought me into their bedroom and told me to get under the bed covers. I could hear a fan blowing, so I was curious about what was happening. I slipped into the bed and felt like I’d slipped into heaven.

As soon as I got home, I ordered one for my bed. My husband and I have separate beds because he’s a thrasher, kicker, and pillow-stealer sleeper. Two weeks later, he wanted one, and guess what? He is no longer thrashing all night.

The Bedjet blows air through a special sheet (you don’t have to have one, but I think it is much better with it). You adjust the temperature and the flow. Another bonus is that I can’t stand heavy blankets on my feet. The blankets puff up, and no heavy blankets!

I was excited to see how it would work on a hot night, and wow! It kept me cool and comfortable. I would have liked this back when I had nightly hot flashes!

The Bedjet is not cheap, but when you think about the percentage of your life you spend in bed, it’s well worth it. I get into bed with my cup of T2 Sleep Tight Tea and watch a show on Netflix or Prime. A cozy way to end my day. And I’m sleeping so well now.



FIGROL Bladeless Neck Fan

The general manager of our restaurants, Tami, found this for our kitchen crews. I was skeptical about it until I put it on and felt a delightful cool breeze. It’s lightweight and adjustable, so you can get a good blast when needed. The rechargeable battery lasts a long time, too.

I liked it so much that I immediately sent one to my BFF, Nina, in hot El Paso. I also sent two to my son, Spencer, and his wife, Jess. They live in a hot climate, too. Spencer loves to garden, so this little fan keeps him comfortable.

I have two at home, although it rarely gets hot here. It would be great for hot flashes and high fevers!


Got Leg Cramps?
Boy, I sure did – for years. Nearly very night I’d wake up with my ankle twisting, my calf in a knot, or my toes curling under. Sometimes I’d get an encore performance a couple hours later. So painful!!  I got relief when I started taking a liquid Magnesium Glycinate supplement, but it’s not always easy to travel with a bottle of liquid these days. I recently discovered these and they are doing the trick. I take three a day. One in the morning and two at bedtime. 




Micro Velvet Bagel Dog Bed By Majestic Pet Products

My dogs, Emma and Lucy, love their beds. I love them because the 40″ and the 52″ are washable. Lots of colors to choose from, too. 


Catalytic Converter Protection Shield

You’re probably wondering why I would put this ugly thing on my “Life Enhancer” page. If you’ve been keeping up with the news then you know that creeps are stealing catalytic converters all over the nation. Big cities, and small towns. Why? Because they contain precious metal that make them valuable. 

I know a woman who parked at our local hospital during the day, and when she came out, her car would not start because her catalytic converter was gone. Replacing (if you can find one) is up to $2000 now. It only takes a couple of minutes to saw the converter off. They aren’t just hitting the Prius model, though. Another local woman couldn’t drive her Honda for three months because that’s how long it took to find a new converter.