Help! I’ve Fallen and …

HELP! I’ve fallen and…

Last year, my dear friend, Jeri, talked me into getting an Apple Watch.
I’m so glad she did.

I use it for everything — including Step Counting, Car Remote, Water Reminder, Heart Rate, ECG, Timer, Alarm, Weather, Directions, Phone Calls (I connected to my data plan), Texts, Messenger, Photos, Calculator, Meditation, Spotify, Audible, Flashlight… I mean, how did I survive without it? Plus, now I don’t have to carry my phone everywhere, which means I don’t have to have pockets!

However, the real reason I got it was because of the story Jeri told me about her eighty-year-old relative who fell off a ladder while alone in his home. When he didn’t respond to his watch, it sent for emergency help and may have saved his life. He suffered some serious injuries. That fall could have been the end for him, but because he’s a very fit marathon runner, and got emergency help, he recovered. 

This morning I was home alone when it started hailing in “Sunny California.” The tiny ice pellets were increasing in size, so I thought I should put my car in the garage. Years ago, when I lived in Colorado, we had a hailstorm the size of baseballs that pummeled every car in town. All the car dealers had “dent sales.”

Anyway, I ran out in the storm to save my car and slipped on the ice, crash landing on the concrete. Immediately my watch was buzzing me. Yes, I was all right. Wet and feeling like a dope, but all right. That’s the second fall I’ve had recently. Hopefully, my watch won’t start ignoring me.

A good friend of mine had a stroke in his sixties and fell in his kitchen. He wasn’t found for two days. If he’d had the watch or some type of medical alert bracelet on, he’d still be with us.

Falling is not just an “old folks” thing. People of any age and health can suffer a nasty fall and be badly injured. If you’re hiking, biking, live alone, or your co-habitant is out of town, and you cannot call for help, you’re out of luck.

I’m Okay!



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