Hey Kids! There’s Big Ben!

Hey Kids! There’s Big Ben!

I’m working on the latest book in the Murder Blog Mysteries. Katy and Grandma Ruby are going to England!

As usual, I’m incorporating some of my own crazy experiences–like driving in London on a Saturday night in the rain. That was not the plan, but somehow I wound up on the wrong road, going in the wrong direction, and next thing I know … Horrifying!

Nothing like your first “roundabout” experience happening in London–not to mention driving on the wrong side of the road in an English car. My husband kept telling me to take the next exit–but I was stuck in the lane closest to the center and too scared to change lanes. So, round and round we went.

Remember the funny scene in National Lampoon’s European Vacation? Not so funny when it’s happening to you. But I can laugh about it now!

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