How to Post a Product Review on Amazon – 101


How to Post a Product Review on Amazon – 101

I’m often asked how to post a review on Amazon. The question always surprises me, but perhaps most people do not spend as much time shopping or posting reviews on Amazon as I do. I think I may need therapy!  Seriously.  

But to my defense, I try to shop locally. I really do!
Example: The other day I broke the butter dish. I went to four stores looking for a plain old glass butter dish and came up with zip.
Bed, Bath, and Beyond – nope.
World Market – nada.
Target – zilch.
Grocery Store – negative.
Even our local Ace Hardware store that has all sorts of kitchenie things didn’t have one. And that’s where I bought the last one.

So I gave up and ordered one on Amazon. Eight bucks and I had it two days later. But, as usual, I digress.

Back to posting: I have a friend in Hawaii who’s asked me several times how to post reviews. I emailed her these instructions from Amazon:

To submit a review:
1. Go to the product detail page for the item on

2. Click “Write a Customer Review” in the Customer Reviews section.
3. Click Submit.

It was as if I’d spoken Greek to Amy*. She’s a brilliant, lovely young woman, but computers freak her out.

So I made a video for her. Of course, in my video, I showed how to post a 5-star review for one of my books. Amy is a voracious reader and reads a lot of Indie published books, and when she enjoys one, she really should post a review for them because we Indie Writers are a pathetic bunch of zombie-like creatures who thrive on reviews. Make that – favorable reviews. Janet Evanovich (not an Indie writer) has like a bazillion reviews, so when she gets a negative one, I doubt she has a heart attack.

But when I get a negative one, I need therapy. Seriously. I guess I could also talk about my Amazon shopping addiction during my session and kill two birds with one stone.


You may be wondering how Amy did with my video instructions. I wish I could say she did super and Amazon invited her to become a “Vine Voice,” and now she’s receiving loads of cool free items to review… but no. She tried three times and gave up. 

Update! 2/06/2023

I wrote this post six years ago, and the video has disappeared into the YouTube void. It was out-of-date anyway. Here’s a link to my channel if you want to watch me teaching my granddaughter “Oh Mary Mack” or hear my dogs being bossy.
Pam’s YouTube Channel

These days, you don’t even have to write anything. Just a Star Rating. I personally really like 5-Star Ratings!! Hint, hint

*Amy (not her real name) is a real person,
not just a figment of my overactive imagination. 


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  1. From Pam:
    When I posted, the video was in place, but now I see it did not go through. You can click on the URL if you want to see my masterpiece.

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