How to Post a Product Review on Amazon – 101


How to Post a Product Review on Amazon – 101

I’m often asked how to post a review on Amazon. The question always surprises me, but perhaps most people do not spend as much time shopping or posting reviews on Amazon as I do. I think I may need therapy!  Seriously.  

But to my defense, I try to shop locally. I really do!
Example: The other day I broke the butter dish. I went to four stores looking for a plain old glass butter dish and came up with zip.
Bed, Bath, and Beyond – nope.
World Market – nada.
K-Mart – zilch.
Grocery Store – negative.
Even our local Ace Hardware store that has all sorts of kitchenie things didn’t have one. And that’s where I bought the last one.

So I gave up and ordered one on Amazon. Eight bucks and I had it two days later. But, as usual, I digress.

Back to posting: I have a friend in Hawaii who’s asked me several times how to post reviews. I emailed her these instructions from Amazon:

To submit a review:
1. Go to the product detail page for the item on

2. Click “Write a Customer Review” in the Customer Reviews section.
3. Click Submit.

It was as if I’d spoken Greek to Amy*. She’s a brilliant, lovely young woman, but computers freak her out.

So I made a video for her. Of course, in my video, I showed how to post a 5-star review for one of my books. Amy is a voracious reader and reads a lot of Indie published books, and when she enjoys one, she really should post a review for them because we Indie Writers are a pathetic bunch of zombie-like creatures who thrive on reviews. Make that – favorable reviews. Janet Evanovich (not an Indie writer) has like a bazillion reviews, so when she gets a negative one, I doubt she has a heart attack.

But when I get a negative one, I need therapy. Seriously. I guess I could also talk about my Amazon shopping addiction during my session and kill two birds with one stone.


You may be wondering how Amy did with my video instructions. I wish I could say she did super and Amazon invited her to become a “Vine Voice,” and now she’s receiving loads of cool free items to review… but no. She tried three times and gave up. 

Here’s my little video.
I had to learn how to do an on-screen recording.
It was fun making it and I look forward to honing my skills.
Or at least producing a video that Amy can understand.

*Amy (not her real name) is a real person,
not just a figment of my overactive imagination. 

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  1. From Pam:
    When I posted, the video was in place, but now I see it did not go through. You can click on the URL if you want to see my masterpiece.

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