I’m hard at work on Book #4 in the Murder Blog Mysteries!

Bibury Cottages and Pamela Frost Dennis
The next book in the Murder Blog Mysteries takes place in the
beautiful Cotswolds in the U.K.

Several years ago, my husband, Mike, and I rented a quaint four-hundred-year old stone cottage in Bibury for a few weeks—so I could pretend I’m English. Yes, I realize how silly that sounds. I guess I’ve watched too many Midsomer Murders, Rosemary and Thyme, Sherlock…. And read too many Agatha Christie novels, Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, Dickens…. So even though my heritage is mainly Norwegian, my heart belongs to England.

The villagers were charming, and by the second day, it was as if we’d lived there for years. We made a lasting friendship with the couple living in the cottage behind ours. Phil and Denise are dear people, and they took us places that most tourists would not know about—including a coal mine tour that I probably could’ve done without. 

When we were deep down in the pitch-black bowels of that old nineteenth-century mine, my imagination wandered to things that could happen if our English friends were not quite so nice. Hunched over in the narrow, claustrophobic shaft, I realized that not a soul on earth knew where we were. No one that is, except Denise, Phil, and our tour guide.  After the tour, we all went for tea and I told them about my fearful thoughts, and we all had a good laugh. 

Those dark thoughts eventually evolved into the Murder Blog Mysteries, although it wasn’t the right time to tell that story until I had a few books already in print. I’m excited that I’ve finally have reached the point where it’s time. 

And my dear British friends may not be quite so nice in the book….


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