Free Photos and Images

I found this list on Martin Crosbie’s website.
Here’s a link to his very helpful book.

Please check each site’s guidelines to ensure
that the photo you’re using truly is copyright-free. 

Many Require attribution. It’s only fair, don’t you think?


Alegri Photos

Animal Photos

British Library (Flickr)

Cepolina Photos

Death To The Stock Photo

Digital Comic Museum


Every Stock Photo

Flickr Creative Commons

Free Digital Photos

Free Foto

Free Images

Free Images Live

Free Pixels

Free Stock Photos

Google Creative Commons

Image Base

Kave Wall

Morgue File

Open Photo

Photo Gen

Photo Vaco

Pic Jumbo


Public Domain Archive

School Photo Project

Stick Stock Photos

Stock Pholio

Stock Photos

Super Famous

Sun Pix



Wikimedia Commons