Editors and Writing Coaches

Editors and Writing Coaches
Before you publish your book, you need professional editing.

The fewer errors your manuscript has before you send it off
to an editor, the more money you’ll save.

Here are links to a few online free editors that you may find useful in finding errors.
These online editors certainly do not replace the need for a
real live professional, but they do help.

After using these online editors, check out the
professional editors listed lower on this page.

The Different Stages of Editing
This can get very confusing and this article, written by Courtney Milan, sets it straight. 







Common Editing Questions

What is a “Glue Word”?

From Richard Wydick’s “Plain English for Lawyers”:

“In every English sentence are two kinds of words: working words and glue words. The working words carry the meaning of the sentence. In the preceding sentence, the working words are these: working, words, carry, meaning, and sentence. The others are glue words: the, the, of, and the. The glue words do perform a vital service. They hold the working words together to form a proper, grammatical sentence. Without them, the sentence would read like a telegram. But if the proportion of glue words is too high, that is a symptom of a badly constructed sentence.
A well-constructed sentence is like fine cabinetwork. The pieces are cut and shaped to fit together with scarecely any glue. When you find too many glue words in a sentence, take it apart and reshape the pieces to fit together tighter.”


Real-Live Editors

Mimi MunkGrammar Chick




The Fiction Doctor
Cindy Davis