How To Get Book Reviews

How to get book reviews

Using an ethical  Book Review Service doesn’t mean you’ll get good reviews.It just means you’ll get reviews. Real, honest, verified reviews.

On Amazon, Verified Purchase Reviews, help drive traffic to your page, vs. a non-verified. Why?
Because Amazon ONLY improves visibility with VERIFIED REVIEWS (
purchased books) because they are SALES, and Amazon likes making money, because it is a store. Can’t fault them for that!

Hopefully your book will get good reviews, but like I said, they will be honest reviews.
And that’s what you need to sell more books.
You may have lots of readers, but most will never take the time to post a review.
So…you gotta make it happen.

And don’t badger your friends and family to write 5 star reviews,
because your potential readers can spot those from a mile away.

Once you’ve piled up a bunch of reviews,
you’ll be ready to use other promotion services to build sales.


 Book Review Submission Sites I will try in the future:


7 Steps to Getting More Reviews on Your Book

 Why Amazon Reviews Just Aren’t Enough


Is your book worth investing in?
A major stumbling block for Indie Writers is getting professional reviews.
Kirkus reviews are respected in the industry and can lead to trade publishing deals.
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kindlebookreview_free Free Review – Submit your book for a free review. In return, but with no obligation, receive a free book from a fellow author and write a review.
kindlebookreview2 FastTrack – Get not one but 5 reviews for your book. Your book is delivered to a team of reviewers who will publish within 7 days.

FastTrack Pro – We buy and review your book. This will really have an impact on sales and your Amazon Ranking.




They accept requests from both traditionally published authors
and self-published authors.

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