Self-Publishing Advice



When I began my self publishing quest, I referred to this extremely helpful article numerous times. My thanks to Tracey for taking the time to write this.

Self Publishing FAQ

Excerpt from Tracey Garvis Graves-New York Times Bestselling Author 

Today I’d like to talk about self-publishing. I receive lots of e-mails and Facebook messages every week from writers who are in all different stages of writing and publishing their first novel. Some are just beginning while others have already taken the plunge and clicked the publish button on Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, CreateSpace, etc…I thought I’d share the answers to the questions I’m asked most frequently. I’ll add a tab somewhere so the information can be permanently and easily accessed.

I’m also in the process of writing a guest post for fellow author, John Hansen, which will provide a detailed account of my self-publishing journey. I keep promising to get it to him and he keeps pretending it’s not months overdue because he knows I’m super swamped. Did I mention he’s awesome? Because he is.

Before we get started, one of the things that really concerns me is the number of people who write to me and want to know what self-publishing company I used.I didn’t use any company. I uploaded directly to Amazon (via Kindle Direct Publishing for the e-book and CreateSpace for my paperback), Barnes & Noble (via PubIt!), and Smashwords. On the Island was formatted according to the Smashwords guidelines and was accepted into the premium catalog.  Read More…