Writer’s Block Blog

Writer’s Block Blog


Okay, truth be told, I have not been a faithful blogger.
And that seems kind of odd, considering that in my series— the Murder Blog Mysteries, the heroine, Katy McKenna, is a blogger.

Here’s the thing:
I am an author and a restauranteur—Klondike Pizza—which just happens to be Katy’s favorite pizza. Go figure.  So I’m pretty busy.

And then there’s the problem of what to blog about.
I don’t want to just talk about books. So what do I blog about?

How do so many bloggers out there have something entertaining to write about
every single day? Those folks really impress me.

My life is not nearly so interesting. I mean, do you really want to read about the bush beans I planted the other day? Or my grandson is finally potty-trained?

As of January 1, 2021, I have decided to try and blog more often.
Operative word: “try.”

I’m going to write about whatever is amusing me, entertaining me, or is of interest to me. My kids, my wacky grandkids, friends, books, TV shows, movies, memories, the bush beans I just planted, etc. In other words, I’m gonna write about “this ‘n that.”
But no politics!

I do write an occasional Newsletter. Occasional meaning when I’m about to launch the next book in the series.  If you sign up for it, you will be the first to know! You and everyone else who has signed up for the newsletter.

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