My Writer’s Cottage

I had an old Tuff Shed (Premier Ranch model) in the backyard
that I used to store garden tools, bird seed, Christmas decor, and
a lot of stuff
 that needed relocating to the garbage can.

Writers need a quiet, peaceful place to spin their stories, and my house was
anything but that, so I decided to give the 8×12 shed a new life …



author-pamelafrostdennis-com-writers-cottage-before-photo-2All the junk is gone, and now the work begins.



author-pamelafrostdennis-com-writers-cottage-after-photo-1That’s my elderly sweetheart, Gizmo.
He waits for me to come to work every morning.


author-pamelafrostdennis-com-writers-cottage-after-photo-3We insulated the walls and covered with cedar planks.

author-pamelafrostdennis-com-writers-cottage-after-photo-4My desk is a massive stand-up, sit-down desk, so I’m lucky it fit! 
That’s a heater on the wall. The blue tape on the computer is covering
the camera, in case my computer gets hacked. It happens.



author-pamelafrostdennis-com-writers-cottage-after-photo-5The skylight was already in the Tuff Shed.
I was lucky to find a fan that would work with the ceiling height and clearance.

pams-shed-7We used inexpensive doors from Home Depot to make the Dutch Door
and windows.
 Then made simple framed screens.  

cottage-with-dutch-door-openThe Dutch Door doesn’t have a screen, so humming birds often fly in and
hover in front of my computer to say, 
“Howdy,” before zipping out.

author-pamelafrostdennis-com-writers-cottage-after-photo-7Next on my wish list is an awning over the door.
And yup, that’s a glass of wine on my desk.

And now I need a new garden shed.

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