To Blog, or not to blog … blog

Okay, truth be told, I don’t blog much.
I guess that’s been pretty obvious to anyone who follows my blog.
Why? Because I always have a book I’m working on and when I’m
not doing that, I feel guilty that I’m not doing that.
But I keep reading all those blogs for writers and they all say
that if you want to be a successful writer, you gotta blog a lot.
Well, yeah—of course, I want to be a successful writer.
I just don’t want to blog a lot. Does that sound whiny?

Here’s the thing:
If I’m not working on my latest book, I’d rather be playing with my
adorable little grandkids, gardening, or hanging out with friends.
Plus, my hubby and I own two restaurants and they don’t just
run themselves—darn it.

And then there’s the problem of what to blog about.
I’m impressed with people who can write an entertaining
post every single day. How do they do it?
Clearly, their lives are way more interesting than mine.
I mean, seriously, do you really want to read about the bush beans
I planted the other day?

So, to learn the secret of successful blogging,
I decided to sign up for a Writer’s University online class called “Blogging 101.”
Today is the first day, and so far, I’ve read a few pages in the class,
looked at some funny dog videos on YouTube, then watered the bush
beans, played with my toddler grandson, wrote two chapters in my upcoming
book Dying For Dollars, and later will go to my restaurant to see how our new
manager is doing …

And wrote this blog post about pretty much nothing …

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