Why Do I “Deserve” Anything?

Question: Why Do I “Deserve?”
Answer: I Don’t

A post that’s been going around for a few years in various forms about “deserving” things came through my FB feed recently, causing me to ponder the word “deserve” and why I or anyone, for that matter, “deserve” anything.

You Deserve Abundance: 

With all the good and “deserving” people on this planet who are suffering, starving, and living in squalor — why do I deserve abundance? Abundance means large amounts. How much do I really need to be happy? The older I get, the more I realize how much I don’t need.

You Deserve Nice Things:

If I want nice things, I will work hard to attain them—which I have always done and continue to do.

You Deserve Love and Romance:

I don’t deserve love unless I give love. I must be kind and generous. A loving parent, daughter, spouse, friend — but that still doesn’t mean I “deserve” love. I must earn love—and romance, too.

You Deserve to be Unapologetically Happy: 

Happiness is an attitude. It’s being a “glass half-full, not half-empty” person. Happiness comes from spreading joy and helping others. If you can look in the mirror and be proud of yourself, knowing you always do your best, hopefully you’ll feel happy, or content. Happiness is being content with who you are, and choosing the right people to be in your life.

I have gone through tough times, just like most people. However, most days, I remain a happy, contented person. Not because I deserve it but because I’ve worked for it, and sometimes the stars aligned themselves in my favor. 

For me, “You Deserve” means that I earned it;
either from working for it or through my behavior and actions.


Now, on the flip side of “You Deserve”
that I agree with:

You commit crimes; hurt or kill people;
lie, cheat, and steal; hurt children; hurt animals;
set fires that destroy forests and kill wild animals:
crimes against humanity and acts of terrorism…

You deserve to be punished.
You earned it.


 I have dear friends in Israel.
Good, kind, loving people who did not deserve
what Hamas has done to their country, their family,
their friends. Most of us will never experience that.
And no one deserves that.
They deserve peace.
We all deserve peace.




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