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Peanut Butter Soup

Cozy Food Cookbook at beautybloomers.comCozy Food Cookbook

Peanut Butter Soup is a delicious recipe from the new Cozy Food cookbook, compiled and edited by Nancy Lynn Jarvis.  I’m thrilled to say I have a couple of recipes in the book, too!

The soup is simmering on my stove right now, and I gotta tell ya – it is sooo good.  I’m a vegetarian and a soup lover, so finding a recipe that gives me a healthy, satisfying meal makes me very happy.

Crack Dip

I found this yummy recipe on Tracey Garvis Graves’ blog and decided to try it out on some friends last night. Thank goodness the recipe makes a lot because everyone went nuts over it.   Roasted Pineapple & Habanero Dip is the main ingredient and it’s no longer available in stores–or not in my town, but I ordered from Amazon and had it in two days.

I’ve the printable recipe to my “Favorite Recipes” page on my website for women – Beauty Bloomers.
I looked for a photo to post of the dip (I was too busy eating it to take a picture) and found there are a whole bunch of different dip recipes called “Crack Dip”. So now my quest is to try them all!

Added 7/19/14

I just found out you can get the dip at Costco online . Big bottles – and a great price!
Roasted Pineapple & Habanero Sauce