Where is it?

Now where in the heck did I put …
The cameras we haven’t used in ages?
The air purifier filters?
The generator manual?

Does this happen to you? It happens to me all the time. I’ll get into an organizing mood and decide to relocate items that I don’t often use to what I think is a more sensible place. 

The trouble is, when I want to use that item in a few months (or years), I go to where it was, not where it is. Then I stand there thinking, “Did I give it to Goodwill?” “Did Mike (my hubby) get rid of it and not tell me?” “Did I lend it to someone?”

And finally, “Am I losing my mind? Is this dementia?”

Last year, I made a “Where Is It?” list and posted it on the laundry room wall. Now, every time I put something away that’s not used often, I write the location on my list. It has helped so much!

I know—very low tech—there’s probably umpteen apps for this, but sometimes simple works best. Here’s the link for the pdf. Where Is It List.

Where is it Word Doc

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